Selling a Home in Alberta.

Explore the selling options that fit you best.

Selling a home has never been easier! Sweetly offers to buy, and resell your home to let you skip the listing and for-sale process. When you sell to Sweetly you get to choose your own moving day and proceed on your schedule; and because we buy the home there's no need to tolerate public showings! We offer solutions not available through any other brokerage to make selling easier. Get more money from your home with our Sweet Sale to have us buy, improve, and resell your home at the highest possible sale price. The Sweet Sale pays you the full resale value (after improvements) less our fee and improvement costs. Use our Swift Sale simply choose your move-date and recieve 1 full payment for your homes' full value less our fee. Our Home Swap program lets you trade your current home for your new one - We cover the monthly costs on the old home until it's sold. Our Equity Advance program lets you unlock some of the equity from your home - its interest free for 60 days and you simply pay us back when your home sells. We're working outside the box, to provide you with a better selling; and an overall better real estate experience.

We Have the tools to make it easy!

Selling, buying, moving up, and downsizing comes with lots of options and pitfalls, and most real estate companies force you to fit into their model. Sweetly offers you the models that fit your situation best to make the process easy. From payout penalties, to bridge financing, and even paying two mortgages at the same time, there are many areas of your process that can be costly if you don't know all the options available. Sweetly is built around providing solutions to help make it easy for you. Our Realtors have more tools than any other brokerage to help you achieve your objectives, easily!

Selling a Home

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