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We actually pay you - to get your business!

Your home equity today, before your first showing!

Sweetly will advance the first part of your home equity - just to get your business! Access $25,000, $50,000, $150,000, or more at the time you list your home with Sweetly. Our equity advance is interest free for 60 days (5.9% thereafter); and you repay us when the property sells!

*Owners must have sufficient equity to qualify. Higher debt-to-value scenarios may not qualify for this program.

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Get Started! It only takes a few minutes!

Why choose an Equity Advance?

Access your Equity, now!

  • Use the cash as you wish.
  • Or keep the cash ready for when the right property becomes available.
  • Our Equity Advance is interest free for 60 days.


  • Get paid before your home even goes for sale! Before your first showing!
  • Control your asking and sale price.
  • Pay us back when your home sells.


  • In case you don't sell, we'll buy the home under our Sweet Sale program, resell it; and return your full equity less the repayment of our loan and fees.


  • Use your equity before a sale. Interest free for up to 60 days, 5.9% thereafter.
  • You decide when to take and use the equity you've built up in your home.
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Get Started! It only takes a few minutes!

Equity Advance vs Other Options

Only Sweetly assists with the entire buying and selling process, from helping you find and finance a new home, to covering home prep costs so you can sell your old house for the best price.

BenefitEquity AdvanceHot Air Balloon Brand
Brokerage provides an interest free* equity advance to help you buy your next home
• You must buy with Sweetly in order to access our interest free equity advance.
Receive up to 75% of your home value before your first showing No
Access to your equity when you want it No
*Commissions are fully negotiable by law and not set by any association. 7% on the first $100.000 plus 3% of the balance of sale price is the most commonly charged commission by full service real estate companies in our marketplaces based on our research and experience.
Get Started
Get Started! It only takes a few minutes!

Equity Advance Questions and Answers

Is there a maximum amount Sweetly will lend as an equity advance?
The size of our advance is limited only by the equity you have in the property you want to sell.
Doesn't the property need to sell to get all my equity?
Yes, Sweetly advances a portion of your equity up front, when you list the property with us. Once the property is sold you repay us from the sale proceeds and the remaining equity is yours.
Who controls the asking price and the sale price?
You do. We'll represent you in the process and list the home professionally on the open market. You set the asking price and decide which offers you'll accept, counter, or reject.
What if the property doesn't sell?
We'll help you set an asking price and manage the listing during the listing. If the property isn't sold within 120 days, Sweetly will buy it, then resell it under the terms of our Sweet Sale program. Once we sell it, we'll keep our advance provided, our purchase price, and our fee and you get the balance of your equity.
What if I have more questions?
Call us! Our number is 780-477-9338.